Asbestos Removal

The Leipold Group is a New York State Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractor with a wealth of knowledge and years of experience in surveying, encapsulating, and removal and disposal of asbestos materials. All asbestos services are preformed in strict accordance with current federal and state statutory requirements.

We provide services in a wide variety of environments and locations such as:

  • Occupied industrial & residential buildings
  • Schools
  • Public facilities
  • Private homes
  • Boiler rooms

Note: Inhalation of fibers from asbestos products is known to be serious hazard to health. Inappropriate handling
may constitute a major hazard to health and the environment. The handling and ultimate disposal of asbestos
is carefully controlled to ensure protection of health and the environment. The complete process is fully
documented to provide accurate records of removal and disposal. It is a legal requirement that an asbestos
survey be prepared in accordance with NYS Industrial Code Rule 56 for all buildings prior to demolition.
The Leipold Group employs experienced, trained 
surveyors to undertake this work and to provide documented
and referenced reports. Totally independent NY State Approved Analysts are employed to undertake air
sampling/fiber counting and bulk sampling in full 
compliance with NY State Industrial Code Rule 56.