General Contracting

As general contractors, we share the same relationships, buying ability and good standings with the most qualified contractors and tradesmen as the larger companies... with the ability to keep fees significantly lower. 

As construction managers we are your advocates, combining experience and detailed technical knowledge with a commitment to meeting your needs.

When you need project assistance, our team will help you make sound decisions such as:
  • General project characteristics
  • Site analysis
  • Lead in forming a collaborative team of professionals
  • Develop a preliminary budget and comprehensive scheduling
  • Develop detailed bid documents
  • Assistance in analyzing bids and selection of contractors
In the design phase our team will help you:
  • Ensure that your design is aesthetically successful and responsive to project goals
  • Perform a cost analysis
  • Coordinate your technology with your construction plan to ensure that your facility will be truly equipped for your needs
  • Develop a design schedule and supervise its implementation
  • Review the design in progress to ensure constructability with minimal changes and fewer problems in the field
During the bid process, our team will:
  • Conduct pre-build conferences to clarify the project's needs and to ensure responsive bids
  • Ensure that all bid documents are clear and that all questions are answered
  • Evaluate and compare bids
  • Recommend bidders for contract awards
While construction is underway our team will:
  • Ensure that all contractors and other participants fully understand the project's design and requirements at every stage
  • Deliver timely and clear progress reports
  • Manage change orders while minimizing delay and cost
  • Monitor the construction process to anticipate difficulties, resolve issues and keep work flowing
  • Coordinate the final stages of construction, including contractors' punch lists and similar tasks that must be completed often in a compressed period of time